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WSF Chief Executive wirft Handtuch!

Wie vor wenigen Tagen bekannt wurde, hat Andrew Shelley, langjähriger "Chief Executive" der World Squash Federation, seinen Posten zur Verfügung gestellt.

Unser Präsident Thomas Wachter hat uns die Bedeutung dieses Schrittes, speziell auch für die Mitgliedsverbände der WSF und somit auch für den ÖSRV, angedeutet und uns freundlicherweise gestattet, den Inhalt eines diesbezüglichen Briefs von WSF-Präsident Jacques Fontaine an die WSF-Mitglieder hier wiederzugeben.

27 November 2017

To WSF Regions, Member Nations and Commission Members

Dear Colleague,

I would like to report to you that Andrew Shelley has informed the WSF Board that he feels that now would be a good time for him to step down from the role of Chief Executive. He thinks that a different set of talents is needed by WSF as we move forward in challenging but positive times.

While the Board and myself are very disappointed, we respect his decision.

He has also made clear that he is very happy to stay on and provide a handover as well as continuing to support WSF beyond this too.

So, we have initially agreed with him a period until mid-April while we make arrangements for his successor. After that we would like him to carry on beyond April and into the future coordinating the administration and follow up of the Olympic bid on our behalf and managing Championships and Major Games arrangements.

So, while I take this opportunity to thank him for his past and future commitment to WSF, I would emphasise that both he and the Board are viewing this as a natural transition, and we are very pleased that we will have the benefits of his great experience and knowledge for a long time to come.

I will update Regions, Nations and Commissions on detailed arrangements in due course.

Best regards





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